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Welcome to HOTERA (Heart of Texas Emergency Repeater Association) the host of KE5RCS D-STAR repeaters in central Texas.  As you might notice, we’re pretty excited about the new D-Star technology and its applications.

Our D-STAR repeaters are located in Walburg, Texas. Where is Walburg you ask? It is a short drive from Georgetown, a northern suburb of Austin, the Texas State Capital. Click on a logo above to see the tower site.

“Our Repeaters” page gives you information on how to access the D-STAR system if you’re near the Austin, Texas area.

Take some time and read all “About Us” or catch up on the latest “News”.

Is this your first visit? Our website is laid out in three general areas. To the left of this message you will find a list to help you get started. Here you will find general information for just about everyone (especially the beginner) by selecting ”Why D-STAR?” to read about basic digital radio using D-STAR technology; followed by “Getting Started” where you will learn how to register to use the world-wide D-STAR system. For you Administrators and Sysops, we will gather information from many sources to help you with programming issues.

The second area across the bottom of the page is all about the repeater site and how to contact us. You may also enjoy seeing some of our photographs. Be sure to look for your friends from the local area.

The third area at the top of the page is a drop down menu type navigation system for mostly reference of D-STAR and other Amateur Radio information. Notice if you move your cursor over the tabs a drop down menu will appear. There are plenty of links to other great sites in the tabs on the right side of the page.

And by all means, if you have any questions, please let us know by clicking on “Contact Us” to forward an e-mail with your questions and comments.



Lloyd Jeffries





Alan Isaachsen, KB2WF, is maintaining a database of D-Star Radios in ‘the greater Houston Texas area, but all are welcome’ . This is very helpful for those seeking advice from Hams with the same radio.

Add your Name and Radio type to the 2012 Texas D-Star Radio Survey